Grinding and sharpening machines
for PCD tools

For more than 40 years - processing of PCD tools with LACH DIAMANT sharpening machines

LACH DIAMANT machines – the innovation driver for the production of PCD tools

LACH DIAMANT offers the optimal machine concept for the service and up to the complex production machine – with an easy handling system – for the processing of all PCD tools in variety of industry sectors. 

All machines are developed in cooperation with our own production facilities and can be found in all LACH DIAMANT production plants.

Today, LACH DIAMANT machines are operating all over the world. It is still our objective to pave the diamond tool’s way to new production sectors and new countries. Therefore, it is a specialty of LACH DIAMANT to support other companies worldwide in establishing a sharpening service for diamond tools. This assistance goes far beyond the classic operation of a diamond erosion machine and includes everything necessary for the service of a diamond tool.

Economical processing

A high removal performance allows the economical processing of standard and special PCD tools

Simple handling

There is no need for CNC knowledge. You will learn the processing of complex diamond tools within a few days

High reliability

LACH DIAMANT automatic sharpening machines are well-known for their long lifetime and just in case – are easy to repair


The »Dia-2200-mini« is the ideal machine for sharpening services. Regardless of the type of PCD tools you will receive, the “mini 2” is able to meet all dimensions.

The »countour-profiled« is the specialist for dressing metal-bond diamond and CBN grinding wheels. It allows highest profile accuracy with hitherto unknown grain protrusion.

The LACH DIAMANT machine programme

Admission ticket to the pioneer's know-how

When purchasing a LACH DIAMANT machine we shall give you comprehensive advice on all issues regarding diamond tools. At your request we will supply you and your own „turnkey“ sharpening service. All you need are premises and staff.

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Universal Automatic Sharpening Machine

mini »contour-profiled«

The new method of profiling metal-bond diamond and CBN grinding wheels

»3Dia-Saw Grinder«

Full automatically sharpening machine

»Dia-ToolNet« Station

The network for all LACH DIAMANT CNC universal sharpening machines


for resharpening and the manufacturing of polycrystalline turning and milling tools