»mini contour«
The specialist for grinding wheels

The new way of profiling
metal-bond diamond and CBN grinding wheels

The new »mini contour« has been developed on the basis of the successful »Dia-2200-mini« and is specifically optimised for the profiling of grinding wheels. Furthermore all functions of the »Dia-2200-mini« are available. More than 30 years of experience in processing diamond tools are included in this machine.

Grinding wheels which have been dressed with the »mini contour« stand out for their high grain protusion and maximum profile accuracy. The superior process technology of the »mini contour« allows not only for the profiling of new grinding wheels, also reprofiling can easily be handled.

For grinding wheels with maximum removal rate

The dressing process of the »mini contour« allows for highest grain protrusion and thus for grinding wheels with particularly effective cutting performance

Easiest reprofiling of grinding wheels

Contrary to other procedures the removal rate for reprofiling used grinding wheels is only 0.1mm

Ergonomic design and low space requirement

Due to the ergonomic and compact machine design the tool are easily accessible, and the machine finds its place in even the smallest production

Metal-bond grinding wheels of the next generation

Grain protrusions of up to 70% achieve hitherto unknown performances of metal-bond grinding wheels.

Easy reprofiling of used grinding wheels without any major changes to the diameter.

Classic profiles for carbide cutting inserts can optimally be realised with the »mini contour«.

The rebirth oft he metal bond

The »mini contour« allows for metal-bond grinding wheels offering unprecedented possibilities and maximum precision.

Deep grinding

Even finest contours with narrow widths of a few millimeters between the segments and depths of several cm can be realised with a high degree of accuracy.

»mini« vs EDM

Even grit sizes of 170µm are possible with the »mini contour«, contrary to the wire EDM machines which in this case regularly lose contact.

A control system with great attention to detail

Newcomers in the “Dia service business” are supported by a clearly laid-out menu guidance on the screen.

Video tutorials

Due to the semi-automated set-up function and the video support machine set-up has never been so easy.

Easy handling

Whether tool editor or machine data dialogue, the graphical support explaining every operating window  is always present.

Microsoft Windows

The control system, based on Microsoft Windows, allows you to reduce complex operations to a few clicks.


Database-supported tool editor :

  • store your data locally or on the server
  • look for the tool type, tool number or any other data


  • save time and avoid input errors by using the workflow of the »dia-ToolNet« system
  • use the »dia-ToolNet« station for central preparation and measuring of all tools
  • share your tool data with other machines of the LACH DIAMANT family

Modular design

The modular design of the control system allows easy maintenance and repair and provides maximum reliability over the entire lifetime of your »mini contour«.

Digital generator of the latest generation

Roughing, finishing and fine finishing have served their time. The digital generator of the »mini contour« allows unlimited generator stages. Use the optimal electrode material for your tool and save processing time and costs! Due to the HSK50 spindle mount electrode change is a matter of seconds.

Graphite electrode

Advantage of the graphite electrode: 

  • tool geometries can easily be transmitted to the electrode by means of a dressing, too. 
  • Thus, processing of complex profiles becomes child’splay.

Copper electrode

The high dimensional stability of the copper electrode minimises the dressing cycles and thus becomes the ideal partner for all tools with shear cut or grinding wheels with „simple“ profiles.

Ra < 0,2µm

Regardless of the electrode material it is possible to achieve highest surface qualities. Your customers will be impressed by the improved tool lives and the extreme grain protrusion of the grinding wheels.


For more information about the »mini-contour« please download our leaflet. Should you have any questions or require a machine demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us.