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Our diamond and CBN-tool and grinding wheel programme in brochures, catalogues and flyers. 

Production Programme

since 1922

Production Programme

PCD and CBN Tools

Turning with Diamond and CBN

Turning with Diamond and CBN Tools

»IC-plus« world's best

PCD chipbreaker


for the finishing of hardened steels and cast iron 

Cutting Inserts for Face Cutting

of Copper Gravure Cylinders

Commutator Turning

PCD Tools and Wear Protection

Milling with Diamond and CBN

Milling with Diamond and CBN Tools


presents for HSC/HPC Aluminium Machining


PCD Catridge Milling Cutter

»dia-compact« - Monoblock-Diamond Milling Cutter

for face and square angle milling of aluminium alloys

Wood industry

diamond tools for the furniture and door industries

Wood industry - Diamond jointing cutter  

dreboflash® for the laser edge

Drilling with Diamond and CBN

Diamond Tools for Composite Materials

PCD Spiral Drill

for processing composite and aluminium


High Precision PCD Step Drills and Profile Cutting Tools

PCD Twist Drills

for fibre materials CFRP, GRP, graphite, green ceramics etc.


Diamond tools for windblades

PCD Tools for Composite Materials

Diamond Tools for Composite Materials


Diamond tools for wind blades

PCD Twist Drills

for fibre materials CFRP, GRP, graphite, green ceramics etc.

Diamond and Carbide Tools for the electronics industry

Diamond and Carbide Tools for PCB

Solid Carbide Contour Routers

for depanelling


Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheel

for Metalworking

Tool Grinding 

with diamond and CBN-grinding wheels

Tool grinding with diamond and CBN grinding wheels


Profile grinding of solid carbide, hardened steels and ceramics in serial production

Centerless Grinding

The system "Centerless" with all components


Diamond Grinding Wheel for Saw Blades

Double-Disc Surface Grinding Wheel

»Ce-B tressex«

Crank- and Camshaft Grinding

CBN internal grinding

of high-alloy hardened steels and HSS


Vibration-damping carrier system for diamond and CBN grinding wheels with vitrified bond


Diamond and CBN grinding wheels for CNC grinding operation

Diamond and CB Grinding Tools 

electroplated bond

Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels for Tool

for the Woodworking and Plastics Industries

Dressing with Diamond and CBN

Diamond Dressing Tools


Diamond Dressing Plate


Precision Diamond Dressing Rolls for Path-Controlled Dressing

HiTech-rotary dress

Precision Diamond Dressing Rolls

Diamond Multi-Point Hand-Dresser

PCD Wear Parts

PCD Wear Parts

Commutator Turning for the electronic motor manufacturing

PCD Tools and Wear Protection

Grinding and sharpening machines for PCD processing


Universal Automatic Sharpening Machine for Service

»mini contour«

The new method of profiling metal-bond diamond and CBN grinding wheels

»3Dia-Saw Grinder«

Full automatic sharpening machine


the network for all LACH DIAMANT CNC universal sharpening machines

PCD-Tool-Grinding Machines

for resharpening and the manufacturing of polycrystalline turning and milling tools

Diamond Spray and Lapping Compounds

Diamond Spray »MF«

Diamond lapping and polishing for tool and manufacturing

Diamond Paste »MF«

for intensive diamond lapping and polishing in the tool making


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