Precision Diamond Form Roll »drebojet®-plus«

Path-controlled dressing with diamond form rolls

The LACH DIAMANT form roll »drebojet®-plus« can be used universally: especially recommended for the dressing of straight and profiled ceramic-bonded CBN grinding wheels in series production, e.g. grinding of camshafts or rotating cutting tools. By adjusting the axial feed, the effective width and the respective speeds it is possible to determine the actual surface roughness.

The effective width remains constant over the entire depth of rim (w). Resetting or regrinding is not necessary.


„Thanks to the use of the »drebojet®-plus« dressing roll we have been able to reduce the dressing costs by half. It wears off uniformly without us having to readjust. A real time and cost saver.“

Customer statement about the »drebojet®-plus«

Flexible use

Dressing of straight or complex contours

High precision

Repeat accuracy due to constant effective width

Maximum wear resistance

Maximum possible quantity of diamond grain: no regrinding necessary


In our flyer »drebojet®-plus« – precision diamond dressing rolls, you will find the order details for LACH DIAMANT form rolls: coated with diamond on one or on two sides, depending on the application.

Please note: of course we manufacture our form rolls with the requested bore hole for your CNC-machine.

Custom Solution

We will be glad to find the customised solution for your application – or simply place your order here.

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