Diamond multi point hand dressers

Easy dressing with multi point hand dressers

Every tool making company and every metalworking shop has one: the so-called bench grinder. It is usually equipped with one or two conventional grinding wheels. Often well-known small steel wheels are used for dressing but the cloud of dust resulting from the necessary dry dressing process is a great disadvantage of these small wheels. The multi point hand dresser developed by LACH DIAMANT is completely different: easy handling, clean, fast and geometrically precise dressing.

The multi point diamond dresser is available in two versions: type VH1 for dressing peripheral grinding wheels and VH2 for cup wheels.

Type VH1

Dressing surface on the front face (for peripheral wheels)

Type VH2

Lateral dressing surface (for cup wheels)

Easy dressing by hand
No dust formation
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Diamond multi point hand dressers

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