Diamond Dressing Tools

High-precision dressing

Highly precise grinding results require high-precision dressing processes.

During the grinding process the abrasive grain and the bond are permanently changing. The natural wear and tear is changing the topography of the grinding wheel and thus the profile. A controlled, customised dressing process is indispensable for constant results.

Since 100 years LACH DIAMANT dressing tools have been providing excellent, reliable results. Our rough diamonds from own imports are sharpen by hand – according to requirements and application – in our headquarters in Hanau.

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The new generation of diamond dressing plates

The »Dia-Fliese-perfect« is the universal tool for flat dressing and profiling of conventional grinding wheels. Depending on the application the plates are tipped with natural or synthetic diamonds – CVD and manufactured in needle or grain version.

The bond system developed by LACH DIAMANT guarantees maximum wear resistance and thus a constant performance during the entire tool life.

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Path-controlled dressing with diamond form rolls

The LACH DIAMANT form roll »drebojet®-plus« can be used universally: especially recommended for dressing straight and profiled CBN grinding wheels with ceramic bond in series production, e.g. grinding of camshafts or rotating cutting tools.

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High-precision dressing rolls

Components that require the highest level of precision, e.g. valves, gears, bearing tracks, turbochargers etc. are tailor-made with LACH DIAMANT HiTech rotary-dress dressing rolls according to the specific requirements and with the highest accuracy and repeatability as well as efficiency. Depending on the requirements, the appropriate dressing roll for economical serial production will be created for you.

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Dressing programme

Dressing tools are as varied as their processing tasks. Stationary dressing tools are suitable for every grinding application: single-point and multi-point diamond dressers or dressing plates with natural or synthetic diamonds in needle or grain version. Rotating dressing tools such as the »drebojet®-plus« form roll are used for dressing straight and profiled CBN grinding wheels with ceramic bond. Should components require maximum precision, the precision diamond dressing roll HiTech rotary-dress is used.

Dressing tools

Diamond Dressing Tools

Stationary Dressing


The superior diamond dressing plate


Diamond Form Roll

HiTech rotary-dress

Precision Diamond Dressing Roll

Multi point hand dressers

Custom Solutions

Along with the manufacturing of our standard products we develop tailor-made solutions for your specific application. Special dimensions are produced according to your requirements.