Non-circular grinding wheels

A challenge made for CBN grinding

A process not to be underestimated is non-circular grinding. The defined non-cylindrical shape needs to be generated or rather the requested surface finish has to be achieved by the grinding process. Non-circular undulating workpieces are e.g. camshafts and pump shafts.

LACH DIAMANT refers to more than 40 years of experience in CBN grinding technology:

Our grinding wheels for non-circular grinding process lead to a productivity increase due to higher cutting speeds and they produce lower grinding forces thanks to an innovative grinding system.

Thus, LACH grinding wheels face the challenges of non-circular grinding: the high removal rates combined with maximum efficiency.

Made in Germany


Innovative bond
»Ce-B tressex«

The ceramic bond of the „Ce-B tressex“ grinding wheel increases productivity due to grinding speeds up to V = 180 m/s and is manufactured with support systems in steel, aluminium, ceramic and carbon (CFRP).

When using the CFRP support system it is possible to realise grinding wheel circumferential speeds of up to 350 m/s.

Find more information on »Ce-B tressex« in our flyer.

Custom Solution

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Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels