PCD cutting inserts for electric motor manufacturing

µm-precise processing with PCD tools

Copper commutators in electric motors require a high-precision surface quality which is achieved by using polycrystalline diamond (PCD). K-inserts for corner radius turning, round inserts with 12-segments (for multiple use) for peel turning or T-inserts for both turning operations: PCD provides precise surfaces and achieves maximum tool lives.

Minimal burr formation
Optimised surface quality
Reduced tool wear

PCD for corner radius turning

  • minimal burr formation
  • low cutting forces
  • reduced tool wear
  • adjustable surface quality

TFGN - Cutting insert

  • suitable for tool holder CTBF and CTCF
  • corner radius turning
  • usable also for peel turning (without radius)

CTBF - Tool holder

  • tool holder with swivelling clamp

KFGN - Cutting insert

  • suitable for tool holder CXVF

CXVF - Tool holder

  • tool holder with swivelling clamp

PCD for peel turning

  • better surface quality (Ra, Rz) at the same parameter setup
  • improved access depending on the commutator design

TFGN - Cutting insert

  • suitable for tool holder CTBF and CTCF
  • peel turning (without radius)
  • usable also for peel turning (without radius)

CTCF - Tool holder

  • tool holder with swivelling clamp

RFGN - Round insert

  • suitable for tool holder CRCF

CRCF - Tool holder

  • optional feature: flexibly adjustable pitch angle

PCD for wear protection - the economical alternative

PCD-tipped wear parts stand out due to minimal friction and low wear in comparison with carbide, cermet or ceramic wear parts.

 PCD-tipped wear parts will be manufactured according to your application. We will lift your operation onto the next level to higher efficiency.

Examples for the use in electric motor manufacturing:
  • prisms
  • bearing shells
  • end-stop
  • pivot bearings

PCD wear parts

Stripping knives with PCD cutting edges​

PCD-tipped stripping knives

The PCD-tipped stripping knives cut the insulating layer of the copper wire with maximum repeat accuracy and low wear:

  • ideal for series production
  • maximum tool lives
  • high machine utilisation
  • maximum efficiency


Commutator turning
PCD tools and wear protection

PCD wear parts
The guarantee for precise manufacturing

PCD turning tools

Turning tools with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting edges are successfully used for processing aluminium and all non-ferrous metals. CBN, the second hardest cutting material, is considered to be a guarantee for success for turning hardened steels.

Curious about our turning programme? Get more information here.

Customised solutions

Along with the manufacturing of our standard products we develop tailor-made solutions for your specific application. Special dimensions are manufactured according to your request and demand.