PCD monoblock milling cutters

The technology for the face and square shoulder milling of GRP, CFRP and aluminum alloys

The »dia-compact« Monoblock diamond milling cutter is a LACH DIAMANT innovation.

Used for the face and square shoulder milling of GRP, CFRP and of all aluminium, brass and copper alloys, it proves maximum efficiency and high productivity.

The novelty: the innovative compact design allows a higher number of teeth and thus extremely high cutting speeds (HSC) and feed rates from 0.05 to 0.20 mm per tooth.

»Dia-compact« is suitable for roughing, finishing and fine-finishing. Depending on the application and the requested Rz-value, our application engineers will customise the PCD quality and application recommendations.

Highly efficient due to fast and precise resharpening service. The LACH DIAMANT inhouse-service guarantees fast PCD resharpening and thus allows short replacement periods.

System »Cool Injection « (Pat.)

For the optimal machining of GRP, CFRP and non-ferrous metals.

With this LACH DIAMANT innovation the coolant – emulsion, oil, MMS or for cryogenic cooling – is directed through the open cutting face of the PCD edge: directly under the chip being generated.

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Mirror finish with natural diamond and PCD

For the super- and mirror finishing of GRP, CFRP and non-ferrous metals.

The monoblock face and square shoulder milling cutter allows the perfect finish due to the use of PCD plus natural diamond. The diamond cutting edges provide maximum perfection. What would your superfinish milling cutter be like? Get in touch with us!

The tool holder remains – the milling cutter changes

For HSC processing of GRP, CFRP and non-ferrous metals.

The diamond milling cutter for adapting with internal cooling and optional chip breaker »plus« ensures optimal results due to ideal temperature conditions and chip removal: Long tool lives, cutting edge stability, extremely high cutting speeds (HSC) with highest feed rates. The tool holders with integrated internal cooling are specified in our catalogue.

Highest efficiency and productivity
Maximum tool lives and cutting edge stability due to customised PCD qualities
Extremely high cutting speeds (HSC) and feed rates

Our monoblock milling cutters

You will find a detailed overview of the LACH DIAMANT »dia-compact« milling cutter range as well as on diamond and CBN milling cutters.

Monoblock Diamond Milling Cutter

Milling with Diamond and CBN Cutting Tools

Individual advice

Together with you, the LACH DIAMANT application engineers will find the suitable monoblock cutter for your application. We look forward to working with you.