Woodworking industry

Maximum tool lives with diamond tools

Series production in the woodkworking industry – as we know it today – would be unimaginable without diamond tools. The super-hard cutting material – polycrystalline diamond (PCD) – allows a highly efficient and precise wood processing with low wear, high-precision processing and maximum tool lives.

LACH DIAMANT is one of the leading manufacturers of PCD tools for all wood-nased materials. The know-how is based on a long standing experience. In 1979 the LACH DIAMANT engineers developed the world`s first diamond tool for wood processing.

Our service ensures efficient resharpening and replacement of PCD cutting edges – independent of the tool manufacturer. 

Highest efficiency and productivity
Maximum tool lives and extremely stable cutting edges due to adapted PCD qualities

PCD tools for every processing step

LACH DIAMANT´s saw blades with PCD cutting edges ensure a high availability of cutting systems.

Saw blades with PCD cutting edges ensure low wear and long tool lives. Tooth shapes adapted to the application allow for cutting even challenging wood materials.

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High quantities and unmanned production increase the economic effienciency by a multiple. Precise PCD milling cutters and hoggers – adapted to the specific application – allow a high level of production.

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LACH DIAMANT – a company specialised in manufacturing diamond tools over 100 years – recognises new trends and developments in the woodworking industry due to a close contact to ist customers, latest know-how and long standing experience.

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Special individual solutions

Along with the manufacturing of our standard products we develop tailor-made solutions for your specific application. Special dimensions are manufactured according to your request and demand.