Stationary Dressing
Single Point and Multi Point Dressers

A composition of diamond

Single point dressers are equipped with natural diamonds (monocrystalline diamonds). Depending on the application, diamonds of different dimensions and qualities are used. The diamond is subject to natural wear – however, depending on the quality of the diamond used – due to the so-called “embracing”. A high-quality dressing tool with several natural diamond points can be reset repeatedly, thus its economic efficiency will increase. The dressers are reset manually by trained diamond cutters in the LACH DIAMANT headquarter. Disposable dressing tools with only one diamond point cannot be reused.

Application areas: dressing of conventional and diamond/CBN grinding wheels.

Single Point Dressers

Shaped Diamond Dressers

For generating highest profile accuracy special profile dressing diamonds – in the best diamond quality – are sharpen with the requested angle and radius. Thus it is possible to use these dressers for larger grinding wheels and for those with complicated profiles. This allows the use on larger grinding wheels and those with more complicated profiles. Depending on the diamond size the tools can be re-profiled several times in the LACH DIAMANT in-house repair service.

Mulitpoint diamond dressers are used for the rough and also for the fine dressing of circumferential and flat surfaces. They are set by hand at LACH DIAMANT – scattered or aggregat version. The selection of the multipoint dresser depends on the grain and size of the grinding wheel to be dressed.

Multi-point diamond dressers can completely be used – without resetting – up to the last small diamond.

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Multi Point Dressers

Diamond Wheel Dressers

Straight dressing, especially for centerless grinding and profiling. 

Due to the puntiform contact of the diamond needles the wheel dressers offer functional features similar to those of single point dressers. Many individual diamond needles can be used up one after the other simply by turning.

Diamond Grit Dressers

For the dressing of grinding wheels with finest to medium grains. Especially recommended for grinding wheels with precise – acute-angled – profiles. Grit dressers are used up without resetting.

Triangular Dressers

Straight dressing and profiling – especially recommended for the dressing of conventional grinding wheels with fine to medium grain on internal grinding machines.

In-house diamond cuts
High-precision profile dressing diamonds
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On how to select diamond size in relation to
grinding wheel size

For medium grinding wheel hardnesses the general guidelines listed in the table apply. For particularly hard grinding wheels it is recommended to use the next larger diamond.

On how to select the quality of diamonds

Instructions for Use

Dressing Tools of

The complete range of dressing tools includes among other single-point dressers, multi-point dressers, diamond dressing plates, grit dressers, wheel dressers and triangular dressers.

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