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High-precision face cutting

The primary objective in cylinder processing is to ensure perfect surface qualities. With our face cutting tools you will achieve µ-precise roughnesses in a stable machining process.

More than 25 years ago, our engineering team developed these face cutting tools together with and exclusively for KWalter and Daetwyler for CFM machines. For some years now we have been able to co-operate directly with our customers.

The results are highly precise and durable face cutting tools with highest reproducibility, adapted to the specific requirements in the turning business area.

Diamond tools are our core business.

We have used our long-standing knowledge and experience and have added tools for further machine types to our product range. We continue to develop and optimise these tools:

  • in our programme you will also find high-precision milling cutters for the Polishmaster machine,
  • tools and tool holder for DuoStar and
  • round cutting tools as well as T- and S-cutting tools for Acigraf machines.

If you have further questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our R&D department will be pleased to work out the specific solution for your application – together with you. In comparison to other tool providers our advantage is our know-how in the diamond tooling sector.

Thanks to the direct proximity to our customers we are able to adapt our tools to their special requests – Made in Germany.

High-precision with long tool lives
Latest technology with more than 25 years of experience in face cutting
Made in Germany

CFM machine

T-cut tools for face cutting – available as resharpenable standard version or one-way tool – both with fitting holder and accessories.

The durable and economic round cutting tool is another innovation of LACH DIAMANT and is offered as an alternative to T-cutting tools. The round cutting tool allows highly efficient usage of 10 cutting “edges”.

Both systems are designed for the processing of copper and chromium. For turning into the steel base of the cylinders, we have developed the Steel Cut insert.

Face cutting tool standard

Face cutting tool T-Cut standard

Item No.: 42220738
Daetwyler: 115.870.029 (non resharpenable)
  • resharpenable
  • highly precise
  • stable turning process
  • maximum tool lives
  • for copper and chromium
  • suitable for all common holders, also compact holders, e.g. easy Lock or holder for T-cut: 45100461 (see column on the right)

Face cutting tool ECO

Face cutting tool T-Cut ECO (one-way)
Item No.: 42222037

≙Daetwyler: 115.870.029
  • efficient
  • highly precise
  • maximum repeat accuracy
  • for copper and chromium
  • suitable for all common holders, e.g. easy Lock and for holder T-cut: 45100461 (see column on the right)

Holder T-Cut

Holder T-Cut

Item No.: 45100461
  • single holder standard
  • easy handling
  • for precise tool usage
  • suitable for standard and ECO face cutting tools – also for T-cutting tools of other manufacturers
  • together with the side processing tool holder and side processing tools this holder ensures a stable and durable turning process
Carbide shim: 45110161
Torx clamping screw: 45110159
Torx clamping screw (rust proof): 45110163
Internal screw: 45110160

Face cutting tool for steel

Face cutting tool for turning steel
Item No.: 42222303

  • for turning down of left-over copper into the steel base
  • suitable for changes of the circumference of the cylinder steel base
  • suitable for T-Cut holder and accessories (see above)

Round cutting tool

Innovation: Turning with round cutting tool
Item No.: 42221376

Application-oriented “click system” that makes operations more efficient: turning until it „clicks“

No time-consuming removal of the cutting tool. Set-up times are considerably reduced.

  • 10-fold use
  • efficient
  • high degree of stability
  • for chromium and copper
  • for CFM, Acigraf and Duostar machines (LACH DIAMANT compact tool holder)
  • every CFM machine can easily be equipped with the suitable holder (see column on the right)

Holder round cutting tool

Holder for round cutting tool
Item No.: 45100831
  • suitable for LACH DIAMANT round cutting tools but also for tools of other manufacturers
  • can be used with or without tactile “click system”

    Clamping screw: 45110164

Round cutting tool for compact holder

Round cutting tool R-Cut for CFM Easy Lock System
Item No.: 42222357
Daetwyler: 601156
  • suitable for compact tool holder
  • round cutting tool with visual assistance for 10-fold use, but without time-saving tactile “click system”
  • ask for your customized solution

Side processing tools

Side processing tool

Side processing tools are used for processing the cylinder sides, angles and tapers on the cylinder face. As all-steel tools they perform the chamfering in face cutting.

  • for copper and chromium
Item No.: 42222136 (Daetwyler: 207622)
  • for steel (with wear protection)
Item No.: 42221100

Holder for side processing tools

Holder for side processing tools

The two holders for side processing tools complete the stable overall process in face cutting.

  • tool holder left
Item No.: 45100242
  • tool holder right
Item No.: 45100243


Carbide shim: 45110162

Polishmaster Milling Machine

Rough Cutter A21

Rough Cutter 21,0 mm

Item No.: 42403451
Daetwyler: 030.009.151
  • PCD length 21 mm
  • large spindle
  • (also produced for small spindles)
  • band width 90mm
  • resharpenable
  • available for re-tipping
Rough Cutter 13,0 mm
Item No.: 42405517
≙Daetwyler: 030.009.164
  • PCD length 13 mm
  • large spindle
  • (also produced for small spindles)
  • band width 62mm
  • resharpenable
  • available for re-tipping

Rough Cutter A13

Duostar Maschine


Customers complained about the unstable turning process when using their round cutting tool and compact holder. Therefore, LACH DIAMANT has re-designed the compact holder with the result that – with the LACH DIAMANT round cutting tool and without carbide shim – it ensures a safe, stable and repeatable operation as well as optimal surface accuracy.

Round Cutting Tools

LACH DIAMANT’s round cutting tool now available also for Duostar machines

Item No.: 42221376
(For details see above „round cutting tool for CFM machine“)

Compact Holder Duostar

Innovation Lock System Duostar

Item No.: 42221376

Stable design for a safe turning process with LACH DIAMANT’s round cutting tool. No additional carbide shim required. Integrated tactile “click system” for time-saving re-tooling processes.

Acigraf SuperPerfast Maschine

The high demand for the LACH DIAMANT round cutting system has led to the development of a holder which easily prepares every Acigraf machine for the optimal turning process with LACH DIAMANT round cutting tools.

Previous solution

The well-known S-cutting tool

Item No.: 42221490
  • for tool holder with claws or with boreholes (please indicate when placing your order)
  • for turning of copper or chromium

The new solution by LACH DIAMANT

LACH DIAMANT’s Round Cutting Tool now also available for Acigraf maschines

Item No.: 42221376
(For details see above „round cutting tool for CFM machine“)

The all-round service in diamond tooling

Naturally, being over 100 year old company with tradition in diamond tooling- our trained diamond cutters work in our headquarters. With their extensive knowledge, we will be able to provide you with the dressing tool for your application.

Also we manufacture folding ring, folding blades, tension ring und transport and carrier ring. We look forward to hearing from you.

Simply get in touch with us.

Together we develop a solution to meet your challenges

We look forward to thinking together with you – out of the box – and to work out a solution. Or – if you already know which product is suitable for you – just place your order right here.