LACH DIAMANT presents during its 100th anniversary at the AMB in Stuttgart

 Monoblock-PCD- milling cutter for HSC/HPC aluminium machining 

»Cool Injection« (Pat.) – direct cooling 

 When LACH DIAMANT was awarded the Hessian Innovation Prize in November 2004 for the newly developed technology for the cost- and time-saving machining of aluminium components by means of the “dia-compact” monoblock diamond milling cutter, people were already saying “it doesn’t get any more efficient than this…”. 

But it did – as the now patented development »Cool Injection« cooling directly through the PCD cutting insert – proves. 

Maximum service life, extremely high cutting parameters and infeeds are now a matter of course in aluminium machining in series production by using LACH DIAMANT PCD monobloc milling cutters. Now »Cool Injection« has been added. 

»Cool Injection« directs the coolant – emulsion, oil, MMS, cryogenic –through the open cutting face of the PCD insert below the produced chip. 

The »Cool Injection« cooling system (pat.) guarantees a safe, controlled and efficient machining of aluminium, especially in the automobile and component supplier industries, e.g. all around the engine block. 

Maximum service life, extremely high cutting data and infeeds are obtained, as well as perfect surface finish and component accuracy, including high performance (HPC) and up to 50 % and more reduction of cycle time. 

PCD cutters with »Cool Injection-Plus« are delivered completely assembled and balanced with 

the adapter of your choice and can be mounted immediately on the machine without adjustment effort.