»3Dia Saw Grinder«
The specialist for saw blades and hoggers

»3Dia Saw Grinder«

One for all: scoring saws, saw blades, hoggers and others

It has never been so easy to process diamond saw blades or hoggers fully automatically in one clamping setup. Regardless of whether it is a small scoring saw or a special saw blade for aluminium processing with diameter 800 mm. The concept allows the lightning-fast changing of saw blades or hoggers with diameters from 80 to 800 mm without resetting the machine. Due to the electrically pivoting electrode tooth shapes can be freely defined in the control system without any CNC knowledge. Special emphasis should be placed on the high process safety and accuracy of the »3Dia Saw Grinder«.

Especially developed
for service businesses

Fast eroding processes and extremely short setup times are essential characteristics of the »3Dia Saw Grinder«. It only takes a few moments to clamp a new tool

Extremely universal and
nevertheless easy to operate

Once setup is finished the »3Dia Saw Grinder« is able to process every tool type, regardless of the diameter. The requested tooth shapes are programmed via a graphic user interface

Fast sharpening times,
excellent quality

LACH DIAMANT’s digital generator guarantees shortest machining times and best quality. Benefit from the pioneer’s 40 years of experience in eroding diamond tools

Focus on quality

The »3Dia Saw Grinder« has been developed with direct support from our service departments, based on the idea of meeting the daily requirements in production and sharpening service of diamond saw blades and hoggers in an easy and precise way.

Side compensation

The automatic correction of the axial run-out always ensures that the PCD tooth to be processed is aligned to the center of the blade. This enables saws to be made in the highest perfection.

Two probes

The »3Dia Saw Grinder« is equipped with two self-sufficient working measuring systems; one measuring probe for the tool being processed and another probe for the state of the electrode. This interaction enables easy operation and highest quality.

Tooth shapes programmable

The requested tooth shape can easily be selected via the software. In addition several special variants are possible (e.g. a saw blade with three different tooth shapes).

Multiple production without extra costs

The generously sized axes of the »3Dia Saw Grinder« allow for the mounting of several tools on a SK40 arbor. This does not only work very well with identical tools but also in case of different tools, provided that they can be mounted together on the same arbor.

Different saw diameters

Every single tool can be defined individually, different tooth shapes or diameters do not represent a problem.

left/right side machining

Due to the special machine concept it is not necessary to purchase expensive loading systems and, at the same time, allows an extremely high degree of utilisation of the »3Dia Saw Grinder« without the need to continually intervene in the process.

A control system with great attention to detail

Newcomers in the “Dia service business” are supported by a clearly laid-out menu guidance on the screen.

Video Tutorials

Due to the semi-automated set-up function and the video support machine set-up has never been so easy!

Easy handling

Whether tool editor or machine data dialogue, the graphical support explaining every operating window is always present!

Microsoft Windows

The control system, based on Microsoft Windows, allows you to reduce complex operations to a few clicks.


Database-supported tool editor: 

  • store your data locally or on the server
  • search for the tool type, tool number or any other data.


  • save time and avoid input errors by using the workflow of the »dia-ToolNet« system
  • use the »dia-ToolNet« station for central preparation and measuring of all tools
  • share your tool data with other machines of the LACH DIAMANT family

Modular design

The modular design of the control system allows easy maintenance and repair and provides maximum reliability over the entire lifetime of your »3Dia Saw Grinders«.

Digital generator of the latest generation

Roughing, finishing and fine finishing have served their time. The digital generator of the »3Dia Saw Grinders« allows unlimited generator stages. Use the optimal electrode material for your tool and save processing time and costs! Due to the HSK50 spindle mount electrode change is a matter of seconds.

Graphite electrode

Advantage of the graphite electrode:

  • Easy profiling of tool geometries and
  • thus easy processing of profile tools or saw blades

Copper electrode

The high dimensional stability of copper electrodes minimises the dressing cycles and thus becomes the optimal partner for all tools with axial angle.

Ra < 0,2µm

Whatever the electrode material, best surface qualities are achieved. Your customers will be impressed by the improved tool life.

»3Dia Saw Grinder«

For more information on »3Dia Saw Grinder« please download our information leaflet. Should you have any questions or require a machine demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us!