Surface grinding

High Precision Surface Grinding with Diamond and CBN

Diamond and CBN grinding wheels for the micrometer precise surface processing of workpieces with large dimensions, consisting of very hard materials with high wear resistance like e.g. high-alloy tool steels, ceramics.

Surface grinding is considered to be one of the most difficult applications in the undefined cutting edge. 

The arrangement and sizes of the segments as well as the shapes are exactly tailored to the workpieces to be ground and the surface to be achieved. It should be ensured that the suitable grain sizes and qualities, concentrations and bonds are used.

Innovative resin bonds allow precise removal rates
Custom-made wheels for every application
Highest surface quality


Double disc surface grinding with planetary kinematics​

High-precision grinding wheels are manufactured especially for the workpiece requirements: customised bonds (resin, ceramic or metal) with suitable diamond or CBN qualities increase the performance and meet every surface requirement.

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Double Disc Surface Grinding Wheels