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LACH DIAMANT is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diamond and CBN tools for the machining industry. The family business was founded by Jakob Lach in 1922 and is now – in its third generation – being run by Robert Lach together with his father Horst Lach.

In its headquarters in Hanau and in the production plant in Lichtenau near Chemnitz LACH DIAMANT employs around 150 employees. Together with LACH DIAMOND INC. in Grand Rapids/MI, USA, the company supplies customers all over the world with diamond and CBN tools “Made in Germany”. LACH’s technical development engineers work passionately on refining our standard tools as well as on developing innovative solutions for the specific applications of our customers. The company can look back with pride on several highly innovative and successful patents which have revolutionised the industry.

Why Diamond or CBN?

Diamond and CBN are used whenever carbide tools reach their performance limits. The ultrahard cutting materials offer key advantages to the material carbide:

  • tool life
  • precision
  • high-quality outcome


The tool lives of diamond and CBN tools are sufficient to process several 100.000 workpieces. Diamond as the hardest and cubic boron nitride (CBN) as the second hardest material can process even brittle-hard and extremely wear-resistant materials like e.g. high-alloy tool steels, ceramics, GRP,  CFRP with high precision.

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