Engine block

High-precision machining at the core

The engine is considered the core of the automobile. It is subject to the highest requirements which can only be met through innovative processes and high-precision tools. This is where know-how, experience and, not least, teamwork are in demand.

Processing of the increasingly high-quality and challenging materials has to be highly precise, efficient and reliable. For the aluminium engine blocks optimal surface quality, short processing times and continuous manufacturing tolerances are of primary importance.

Based on a long-standing know-how in the field of diamond tools, LACH DIAMANT provides flexible, target-oriented and professional support for highly complex process chains in achieving the desired requirements. The PCD milling cutters, twist and step drills used have already optimised numerous engine block production lines and thus, have successfully supported the required lean management.

For the optimal machining of aluminium engine blocks

With this LACH DIAMANT innovation the coolant – emulsion, oil, MMS or for cryogenic cooling – is directed through the open cutting face of the PCD edge: directly under the chip being generated.

The »Cool Injection Plus« system ensures reliable, controlled and efficient processing.

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The monoblock diamond milling cutter – a LACH DIAMANT innovation

Used for the challenging face and square shoulder milling operation of aluminium alloy engine blocks, this monoblock milling cutter proves maximum economic efficiency and productivity. 

The novelty: the innovative compact design allows for a higher number of teeth and thus, extremely high cutting speeds (HSC) and feed rates of 0.05 to 0.2 mm per tooth. 

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The PCD step drill sets new standards for the high-performance machining of aluminium engine blocks. The newly developed chip shape geometries ensure highest process reliability also for long-chipping materials. 

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Milling with diamond and CBN tools


presents for HSC/HPC Aluminium Machining

Monoblock diamond milling cutter

for face and square shoulder milling cutting of aluminium alloys

PCD step drill and professional tooling

High Precision dreboform®

Customised Solutions

The heart of the drive needs tailor-made solutions for specific demands. We manufacture special dimensions according to your wishes and requirements – together with you we will work out your customised solution.