PCD for cut to size

Highest system availability with PCD

LACH DIAMANT saw blades with PCD cutting edges ensure a high availability of the cut to size plant.

Long tool lives with high feed rates guarantee efficient working – also for panel sizing.

LACH DIAMANT covers the full range of possibilities in the sawing area. Whether panel sizing saws with diameter 800 mm, final trimming for single cut, mitre saws or scoring saws, triple chip/flat, hollow teeth, teeth with back angle or special versions for the customer`s application – LACH DIAMANT saw blades can be manufactured in any desired form.

High feed rates
Long tool lives
Smooth running

Panel sizing saw blades

  • panel sizing saw blades for stack cutting or for individual panels on multi-blade saws
  • up to diameter 800mm
  • optimally adapted to the panel materials

Final trimming saws

  • suitable for cutting every material: wood materials, fibre composites, laminated paper, copper or aluminium foils
  • the range of applications of final trimming saws is unlimited
  • ideal in combination with the suitable scoring saw

Mitre saw

  • the mitre saw – an example from door manufacturing
  • optimally adapted to the machine technology, it ensures the perfect cut
  • perfect mitres for many weeks without having to change the saw blade