Manufacturing of printed circuit boards

„Diamond know-how“ for PCB processing

The use of polycrystalline diamond allows a low-stress processing of all printed circuit board (PCB) materials.

Any milling operations can be performed with the PCD-tipped milling cutters – also in special versions.

Highest quality standards
Very long tool lives


PCD Scoring Saw


The laser procedure introduced in 2021 for the PCD processing of the LACH DIAMANT scoring saw leads to excellent results: the PCD cutting edges achieve a finer „finish“ and even with the most difficult materials the scoring saws optain optimum values in terms of quality and tool life.

A special version »DreboBlueCut« is available for IMS, Cu- and Starflex materials.


Solid carbide scoring saw

  • different versions, also with micro carbide grain
  • for processing standard circuit Boards, FR4, multilayer and high technology materials


  • for sizing multilayer PCB

Bevelling cutters

  • for the single- and double-sided bevelling of PCB in stationary processing

Edge bevelling cutters

  • for the high-precision bevelling of Multilayer PCB in through-feed Technology

Saw blades

  • for depanelling base material

Custom Solutions

Along with the manufacturing of our standard products we develop tailor-made solutions for your specific application. Special dimensions are manufactured according to your request and demand.

Information on further tools for PCB processing is available in our catalogue

Diamond and Carbide Tools for PCB