Grinding with Diamond and CBN

Machining with undefined cutting edge

Grinding with diamond and CBN: the LACH DIAMANT programme includes grinding tools for every production step.

Tool life

Long tool life, combined with very high removal rates and edge stability


Highest efficiency due to safe, highly precise and long-lasting grinding wheels

Complete system supplier

The appropriate tool for every grinding process – diamond and CBN grinding wheels – and in addition the complete range of diamond and CBN cutting tools


The new grinding wheel „contour profiled“ revolutionises deep-feed grinding

We have developed a metal bond with new composition. The revolutionary features? The exisiting deficiency of metal bonds – a low removal rate – is eliminated by this innovation. This opens up new – and hitherto unimaginable – optimisation possibilities for the series production of all types of profiles in carbide, hardened steels and ceramics.

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Double-disc surface grinding with planetary kinematics

The process for the economical production of plane-parallel workpieces.

High-precision grinding wheels allow maximum plane-parallelism, flatness and exceptional surface quality. For example it is possible to achieve machining accuracies even in case of high grinding allowances and removel rates which hitherto has often required lapping operations.

Grinding wheels with diameters up to 1600 mm are manufactured especially for the workpiece requirements.

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Highly sensitive and effective grinding wheel for saw blades

Due to the highly sensitive support system and newly developed bond the grinding of solid carbide saw blades becomes faster, more precise and more efficient.

In addition the results obtained show that the DragonFly grinding wheel works faster and more accurately than conventional wheels at the same tool cost.

DragonFly allows even the grinding of smallest tooth pitches.

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Grinding Wheels

The grinding wheels manufactured by LACH DIAMANT in its headquarters in Hanau are as varied and versatile as their fields of use and they are adapted to the respective application.


Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels

»contour profiled«

The new dimension for the profile grinding of solid carbide, hardened steels and ceramics 

Double disc surface grinding wheels


The Diamond Grinding Wheel for Saw Blades

CBN internal cylindrical grinding

of high-alloy steels and HSS

Non-circular grinding

»Ce-B tressex«

Crank- and Camshaft Grinding 

System Centerless Grinding

Grinding, controlling, dressing, guiding - a 'one stop' service

Diamond and CBN Grinding Tools electroplated bond

CBN Precision Grinding Pins and Wheels 

G-MX 500

Custom solutions

Along with the manufacturing of our standard products we develop tailor-made solutions for your specific application. Special dimensions are produced according to your requirements.