The superior diamond dressing plate

The new generation of diamond dressing plates

The dressing plate »Dia-Fliese-perfect« is the universal tool for the straight dressing and profiling of conventional grinding wheels. Depending on the application the plates are tipped with natural or synthetic diamonds – CVD – and manufactured in needle, rod or grain version.

The bond system developed by LACH DIAMANT guarantees maximum wear resistance and thus a constant performance during the entire tool life.

Dressing plate with grain

Dressing plate with needles

Dressing plate with CVD/MKD

Tool Life

Maximum tool life due to the wear-resistant bond


Constant performance during the entire tool life


In our flyer »Dia-Fliese perfect« you will find different types of dressing plates tipped with diamond and CVD as well as the respective order codes and suitable holders.

Custom Solution

We will be glad to find the custom solution for your application – or just place your order right here.

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