PCD for stationary processing

The PCD milling cutter range for highest demands

Only PCD tools are able to meet the high demands in furniture, kitchen and door production – carbide tools reach their limits quickly here. Series and batch size 1 production place the most diverse demands on components.

LACH DIAMANT – a company specialised in manufacturing diamond tools since 100 years – recognises new trends and developments in the woodworking industry due to a close contact to its customers, latest know-how and long standing experience.

High feed rates
Long tool lives
Smooth running


Jointing cutters

  • ideal for zero-joint technology: tear-free and highly accurate edges
  • different versions tailor-made for any application
  • suitable for all surfaces with perfect edge finish at high feed rates
  • special tools are developed together with our customers in an application-oriented way

Nesting cutter programme

  • ideal for panel sizing in Nesting method
  • suitable for all wood materials and surfaces
  • Z3 with PCD plunge cut from diameter 12 mm with cutting widths 22 and 28mm
  • further dimensions available
  • advantages
    • smooth running due to stable tool bodies
    • best cutting quality at the edges and the central layer
    • minimal heat generation
    • optimal chip groove
    • designed for high feed rates
  • optionally available: negative rake angle for processing small and narrow workpieces

Routerbits Mini

  • ideal for groove cutting and rebating
  • routerbits with diameter 6,8,10mm
  • two cutting edges with shear cut
  • PCD plunge cut

High-performance end mills

  • Z3 version for high-feed rates
  • optimised chip removal, for console tables mainly downward, for sacrificial mill plates mainly upward
  • optimal removal rate with large resharpening zone

Universal routerbits

  • highest geometry requirements
  • routerbits with alternate shear cut for smooth running in demanding materials
  • perfectly suitable for e.g. HPL panels
  • also suitable for groove cutting and rebating

Profile routerbits

  • the requested profiles are manufactured according to customers` specifications
  • complex composed profiles can be realised also for shank tools
  • shank types: cylindrical, MKII, HSK and others


  • drilling with PCD in the woodworking industry allows long tool lives and highest precision.
  • for fitting sleeves, mounting holes, step drills for hinges, and for drilling operations in the acoustic sector

Special individual solutions

Along with the manufacturing of our standard products we develop tailor-made solutions for your specific application. Special dimensions are manufactured according to your request and demand.