LACH DIAMANT at GrindTec in Augsburg from March 18th to March 21st, 2020 – Hall 1, Stand 1076 Let’s conquer the hardest of all things – DIAMOND …

… LACH DIAMANT, the diamond and CBN tool manufacturer from Hanau (near Frankfurt), chose GrindTec in Augsburg to do just that.

With almost 100 years of experience – since 1922 – we are still grinding natural diamonds for the production ofsingle-point and profile diamond dressers and turning diamonds.At the LACH DIAMANT stand, we set up an original diamond grinding table as it has been in use for more than a hundred years. An experienced diamond grinder will personally introduce you to the secrets of grinding natural diamonds.

Sure, afterwards you are also asked to try it out for yourself – the initiation into the club of “LACH Diamond Grinders” will be your reward.

In order to master diamond, you will also have available spark erosion, discovered by LACH DIAMANT in 1978 – in the shape of the newest version of the »dia-2200-mini« sharpening machine with its integrated EDG-plus spark rotation technology.

Today, the special edition »mini contour-profiled« can be used even for profiling metal bond diamond and CBN grinding wheels, even for grain sizes of 170 µ – which makes the EDG (Electrical Discharge Grinding) procedure far superior to the EDM wire procedure in regard toerosion, precision and efficiency. For good reason, LACH DIAMANT states that the so-called »contour-profiled« grinding wheel, both with concave and convex profiles, shows enough “claws” for maximum removal rates.

By the way, »contour-profiled« grinding wheels are available with a diameter of up to 600 mm and arimwidth of 150 mm, even for complex profiles.

Interested? The LACH DIAMANT team is already looking forward talking to you at GrindTec – or hearing from you directly via our hotline at +49 6181 103822 or email to


Photo 1: Unmistakably, you will recognize him at our stand – a natural diamond cutter

Photo 2: The »mini contour-profiled« sharpening machine for profiling metal bond grinding wheels in serial production

Photo 3: Profile depth of this »contour-profiled« CBN grinding wheel is 13.5 mm with a bridge width of only 0.5 mm – grain size 140µ! This demonstrates the superiority of the EDG sharpening method compared to EDM wire profiling.