Worldwide innovation at AMB: dreborid »Cool Injection« System

LACH DIAMANT presents a worldwide innovation
dreborid® »Cool Injection« System

At the AMB in Stuttgart the international trade show for the metal working industry, from September 28 to October 2, 2010, LACH DIAMANT, the diamond tool manufacturing pioneer from Hanau will exhibit in Hall C2, Stand B 46, the all new

dreborid® »Cool Injection« System

available for all LACH PCD and CBN cutting tools.

The increased use of highly abrasive materials, such as high silicone aluminium, composite materials (GRP, CFRP, Glare), titanium and hard ferrous metals in the automobile and accessory industry, aircraft industry and manufacturers of wind energy plants has put increasing high demands on the machining process for selected cutting materials.

Polycrystalline boron nitride cutting edges (CBN, PCB) are superior indeed to polycrystalline diamond (PCD) in regards to their temperature resilience (up to 1260°C with CBN and max. 720°C with PCD), but concerning hardness * and cutting performance, there are no alternatives for the PCD machining of aluminium, composite materials, plastics, green ceramics etc.

(* Diamond hardness = 7000 according to Knoop – CBN = 4700 according to Knoop.)

The applied ideas with PCD milling cutters and step drills, to equip them with targeted cooling channels in the tool body to relieve them from damaging heat had only limited success; the PCD cutting edge capitulated here in extreme application cases with aluminium and composite fiber materials.
Premature wear and break-away of the PCD cutting edge all the way to graphitization were the consequences.

Here the invention dreborid® »Cool Injection« Systems (German Federal Patent) is applied: 
The PCD cutting edge is integrated into the coolant channel or the integrated coolant channel is led directly through the PCD cutting edge. The stressed cutting edge is thus relieved from damaging heat through maximum cooling by liquid, air or gas. The “muzzle opening” of the coolant stream is located directly at the cutting face of the cutting insert.

According to this invention the cooling of the cutting insert is achieved from the inside. The coolant can easily dissipate the heat from the material.

Accordingly, the coolant exiting from the coolant channel at the immediate proximity of the cutting edge will also be directed by the shortest distance to the outside of the cutting inserts. This results in an optimum cooling and excellent chip removal.

The multiple-edged Monoblock PCD milling cutters and step-drilling tools from LACH DIAMANT with the option of the dreborid® »Cool Injection« System become even more efficient and versatile in their application.

The advantages of the dreborid® »Cool Injection« System can not only be utilized with multiple-edged PCD (and CBN) tools but have great advantage with single cutting edges as for example with extreme turning operations.

Comprehensive information at the AMB in Stuttgart and the Euromold in Frankfurt – or LACH DIAMANT Tel. 49 6181 103 950. 49 6181 103 950.