Presenting the »Dia-2200-mini« Ligna 2013

LACH DIAMANT will be presenting the universal diamond grinding machine »Dia-2200-mini« – 2013 edition

den Alleskönner für das Schärfen aller Diamant-Werkzeuge für die Holzwerkstoff- und Kunststoff-Zerspanung.

The LIGNA 2013 „mini” compact, easy to operate is the perfect and fastest service machine for diamond PCD tools.

The »Dia-2200-mini« was developed for our own requirements on the basis of 40 years of pioneering work in the manufacturing of polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD) and is now available worldwide to all sharpening services, including for in-house use as a so called „cost killer”.

Summary of the highlights for the service technician:

New: Diamond saws up to ø 530 mm – sharpening in one clamping – manufacture of new tools or service – at diameter or at the flanks – automatic sequence – tooth by tooth.

– Also universal for diamond saws, scoring tools, diamond hogging tools, router bits, jointing tools – all shear cuts

– Automatic final measurement and control on the machine

– Reduction of high electrode costs because 100% graphite compatible resulting in cost savings in comparison to expensive copper electrodes.

It should be worthwhile to inspect this package of „Know-how” at the LIGNA – apart from 40 years of experience with the PCD cutting material. After 35 years of the discovery of the spark erosion by Horst Lach, we can look back to the LIGNA 1979 where LACH DIAMANT presented for the first time worldwide diamond tools for the processing of all wood, wood-like materials and plastics.

LIGNA 2013 – Hanover – from May 6 to 10 – Hall 26 Booth D35


For more Information klick here: <Dia-2200-mini