Brillant „Laser Edges“ for the Furniture Industry

LACH DIAMANT presents newly developed Diamond Jointing Cutters dreboflash® for the „Laser Edge” at the LIGNA in Hanover.

Innovation at LIGNA 2011: The laser has made its entry in furniture manufacturing and has basically changed the future of this industry and even that of skilled crafts !

Precision – in metal working as well as in furniture manufacturing – is combined with the criterion design and becomes more and more the deciding element.

It is not surprising that the up to now process for edge bending is being replaced by the laser and thus by the „Laser Edge”. The laser fuses the different edge materials directly, without a visible joint on the workpiece or the respective wood material, quasi as a ZERO joint.

From this technology and the new various types of surface coatings on different carrier plates encouraged the engineers at LACH DIAMANT to develop a superfinish tool program for the preprocessing of the „Laser Edge”.

This innovation was supported by the 40 years of pioneering work of LACH DIAMANT for the processing, development and application of PCD tools, such as cutting tools with polycrystalline diamond cutting edges for the industry.

For the first time shown at LIGNA, the diamond jointing cutters dreboflash® are equipped with a special cutting geometry and severe shear angles.

A so-called „Microfinish” at the tool flanks of the polished diamond cutting edges guarantees superior cutting quality and long service life.

Thus the newly developed diamond cutters meet the highest demands and offer the best prerequisites for the „Laser Edge”, as for example in the office furniture industry.

The newly developed diamond jointing cutter dreboflash® for the „Laser Edge” of LACH DIAMANT is used successfully in stationary as well as throughput production technology.

Here again proof of the successful pioneering work at LACH DIAMANT.

More comprehensive information about this subject at the LIGNA in Hanover – Hall 26 – Stand D35