LACH DIAMANT presents new diamond tool developments

LACH DIAMANT at the LIGNA in Hanover is presenting newly developed
diamond tools for the processing of all lightweight and
fiber composite materials such as CFRP, GRP, MDF

The trade show for the wood working industry and woodworking machine manufacturers always has been worth a visit.

The LIGNA originated from a festival of carpenters and cabinetmakers on Ascension Day who made a pilgrimage to the trade show with families in tow.

In 1979, after the development of diamond tools by LACH DIAMANT, the HSS and carbide tools for wood and wood-like materials have mostly been superseded by diamond tools and the products offered at this world trade show have changed considerably.

The diamond tool with a service life of 250 to 300 times longer than carbide tools advanced the development of automatic processing machines for the woodworking industry.

Thanks to diamonds and the tooling technology founded by LACH DIAMANT, the woodworking industry, together with the automobile industry became the trailblazer for the design and development of CNC machines and robotic technology.

Polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD) from the development of the pioneer LACH DIAMANT became the indispensable helper for the efficient processing of all types of wood and aluminium.

With the extensive know-how gained, LACH DIAMANT was in the position to present solutions for the milling and drilling of newly applied lightweight materials (CFRP and GRP) for the aircraft and wind energy industry.

At the LIGNA, LACH DIAMANT will show a comprehensive diamond tool program for these new technologies. For the diamond tool manufacturer from Hanau this has been a long exercised practice for some time.

The very newest product, developed together with AUDI, is the patented system »Cool Injection« – direct cooling. LACH DIAMANT hopes with this development not only to enthuse the aluminium industry but also those industries who have to master difficult machining operations for example fiber glass materials (GRP).