EMO 2013: »Diamond Dressing Tools«

LACH DIAMANT at the EMO 2013 in Hanover
– for example Diamond Dressing Tools

Adamas, the invincible – Diamond.

Since ancient times the diamond has not only been a symbol for beauty but also for strength.

Already early it was recognized that one could process all kinds of materials with the hardest of all things, as for example by scoring or trimming or dressing. An example would be the milling of grain with a mill stone.

The industrial revolution would have been unthinkable without diamonds for dressing, profiling, smoothing or roughening of grinding wheels now driven by motors.

Over the last one hundred years many attempts have been made to replace the inimitable hardness of the diamond (7000 according to Knoop) by a substitute material.

No material could match the universal possibilities of the natural single-point dressing diamond for the dressing of grinding wheels.

During World War II, with the immense need for diamonds e.g. for the ball bearing and antifriction bearing industries, diamond saving ideas began to take hold.

Due to cutting – dressing of grinding wheels – diamonds get smaller and smaller and loose size and weight.

These so-called smallest diamonds of a few hundredth carat (1 ct. = 0.2 g) were initially unappreciated and considered waste.

Then a clever person came up with the idea to bundle these into a sintered matrix and a strong new dressing tool was born: The multi-point dresser.

This was the beginning of a series of developments of different makes, also for the special requirements for grinding technology.

At the EMO for instance, you will find in the LACH DIAMANT line-up diamond aggregates (fine dust dressers), diamond knurls, diamond dressing plates and the dresser highlight, the »Dia-Fliese-perfect« which exceeds the service life of traditional dressing plates to a large degree.

However LACH DIAMANT would not be LACH DIAMANT if in the year 2013 we would drop, after a 90 year old tradition, the grinding and servicing of natural diamonds in our own facility.

As always, LACH DIAMANT offers service for resetting and regrinding of natural diamond dressers, ground profile and copy diamonds.

A visit to the LACH DIAMANT stand during the EMO will be worthwhile because LACH DIAMANT shows you which developments in diamond technologies have taken place in the meantime: Diamonds – Natural – Synthesis – Polycystalline.

A competent staff is ready to answer your questions and to advise you.

We look forward to seeing you in Hanover – Hall 4 – Stand D33.