Environmental Protection Management successfully certified according to ISO 14001

LACH DIAMANT Environmental Protection Management successfully certified according to ISO 14001

After the certification of ISO 9001 the introduction of an environmental protection management to our plants in Hanau and Lichtenau near Chemnitz was locically the next step, emphasized by Dipl.-Ing. Robert Lach, General Manager of the diamond tool manufacturer, LACH DIAMANT.

Mr. Lach highlighted the cooperative development of diamond tool and processing technologies with customers of the automobile, aviation and wind power industries. During the last decade many of these companies already successfully have taken this path.

Thanks to the so-called monoblock milling cutters – honored with the Hessian Innovation Prize in 2006 – the processing times / cycle times when cutting aluminium could be shortened drastically, leading among others to savings in energy (electricity, compressed air).

Due to this performance fewer machines with the same production output are necessary. Result here, too: additional energy savings and less coolant requirements.

The patented diamond tooling system »Cool Injection« brings the coolant stream exactly at the point. Contrary to conventional tools with inside cooling the coolant stream exiting from the diamond cutting edge aims directly under the just produced chip, quenching the same and leads it as ideal chipbreaker away from the machined workpiece.

The same is achieved with the patented »chipbreaker« for PCD or CBN turning, also here one can observe easier removal of the chips and cost saving environmentally friendly recycling.

LACH DIAMANT is considered a pioneer for the development of new tooling concepts for materials such as GRP, CFRP – fibre composite, graphites, thermosetting plastics and others – which due to their fine dust are considered a high contaminant for humans and the environment.

At the upcoming EMO in Hanover LACH DIAMANT will show you examples like the PCD milling cutters and solid drills with internal exhausting; problematic working steps at machining of glass fibre and carbon containing materials will be solved environmentally friendly.

Based on the intensive cooperation with manufacturers of blades for wind power plants it was possible to make available blades in a sufficient number of pieces for the industry. Like all above-mentioned tool systems this is another contribution by LACH DIAMANT to decrease the worldwide emission of CO2.