EMO 2013: Diamond and Borazon/CBN Grinding wheels

LACH DIAMANT at the EMO 2013 in Hanover
– for example Diamond and Borazon/CBN Grinding wheels

Historically viewed, in the years 1966/67 and 1969 two manufacturers accomplished the prerequisite for the present state of technology for grinding carbides or HSS and high alloyed hardened steels with diamond or CBN (Borazon) grinding wheels.

Having said that by way of comparison, the first synthetic diamond grains were produced by the manufacturer General Electric in the year 1957, DeBeers achieved a breakthrough with a new coating process by the ASEA company.

The now possible metal coating of the previous „naked‘ grain was able to interlock with the matrix of a resin bonded grinding wheel. This made the up to now understood „Diamond Polishing Wheel” a real instrument which was now suited for the rough grinding of carbide: The era of carbide tools had begun…

In the year 1969 the manufacturer General Electric surprised the industry with the grinding media of cubic crystalline boron nitride (CBN) under the name of Borazon.

In hardness CBN was lower than diamond (4700 to 7000 according to Knoop), but CBN is superior to the carbon-containing diamond with temperatures up to 1400°. This was the prerequisite for the beginning of the development of so-called CBN grinding wheels for the efficient machining of HSS and high-alloyed steels.

LACH DIAMANT as recognized pioneer participated also in the development of the Borazon grinding wheel just from the beginning.

Today, LACH DIAMANT invites you to the EMO 2013 to become acquainted with the present product range of the LACH diamond and CBN grinding wheels. For different applications we recommend according to our experience the correct type of bond such as resin – metal – hybrid – ceramic – electro-plated or special coatings.

During your visit at the LACH DIAMANT stand in hall 4 stand D33 we would like to show you what we have in store for you at our manufacturing facilities in Hanau and Lichtenau near Chemnitz – starting with natural diamonds for the dressing of traditional grinding wheels all the way to polycrystalline diamond and CBN cutting tools.

We look forward to your visit.