With »High Performance Cutting – HPC« equipped for the challenge of aluminium machining …

With »High Performance Cutting – HPC« equipped for the challenge of aluminium machining …

„Future for Today” –
a determining factor and the guiding theme at the AMB 2014 in Stuttgart –
by the diamond and CBN tool manufacturer
LACH DIAMANT from Hanau.

With the first comprehensively introduced program »Cool Injection-Plus« LACH DIAMANT hit the nail on the head: Shaping innovations of today for tomorrow’s future.

High performance tools HPC mean »High Performance Cutting« and will be indispensable for industrial machining in the automobile and aircraft industry,
wind energy and their component suppliers.

This program, introduced by LACH DIAMANT at the AMB already fulfills today what the industry for »High Performance – HPC« cutting of aluminium and fibre composites expects.

Drastic cost reductions
By – Cycle time reduction of 50% and more
– Higher manufacturing output
– Stock removal rate up to 10 mm with maximum cutting speed
– Reduction of rework
– Set-up time and
– Energy saving.

LACH DIAMANT PCD high performance cutters are proven cost killers in the automobile industry and are constantly adapted to the new, resulting requirements also for machine manufacturers.

Significant patents attest this ongoing successful development.
»Cool Injection-Plus« is an example of this.

The »Cool Injection-Plus« program stands for innovative milling of primarily aluminium with PCD monoblock cutters and the PCD cartridge cutters from ø 16 to 400 mm.

Based on special manufacturing technologies the users of PCD cutters have the maximum possible number of teeth available which allows feed rates up to 40.000 mm/min. with maximum cutting speeds.

The patented »Cool Injection«system, direct cooling whereby the cooling stream hits the PCD cutting edge directly on the just emerging chip and chip breaker »Plus« and thus completes the choice of maximum possible »High Performance« cutting with LACH DIAMANT PCD milling cutters.

A comprehensive presentation of the ideal combination of »Cool Injection-Plus« for the innovative cutting of aluminium for practical advantage is ready for all users (www.lach-diamant.de).