“the trusty helpers” for mould and tool building

At the EUROMOLD LACH DIAMANT is presenting
„the trusty helpers” for mould and tool building
Diamonds are not only the girls` best friend …

Diamonds have many uses in the mould and tool making industry and are virtually indispensable for many operations.

Example: Lapping and polishing.
Despite spark erosion being used in the mould making industry, many machining operations have to be solved with traditional diamond paste. The spray diamond paste »MF« promises faster lapping and polishing. The aerosol »MF« Spray is available in sizes from 1/4 to 90 my diamond grit size.

The spray has been around for decades and is economic to use. It saves the cumbersome dispersion and thinning of diamond paste and for this reason the spray is especially recommended for lapping and polishing of larger surfaces.

We will demonstrate the diamond Spray »MF« at the LACH DIAMANT stand.

Today, the Diaform unit mounted on a surface grinding machine already is considered „standard” for tool building. The so-called Diaform diamonds and diamond chisels can be supplied from stock by LACH DIAMANT in all sizes, angles and radii. Quick resharpening in our repair service is also available for third party products.

Same service from stock is offered also for single point, multiple dressing diamonds and all ground profile dressing diamond systems.

As always LACH DIAMANT has its own natural diamond cutting department for the manufacturing and service of these tools.

More information about the entire LACH DIAMANT and CBN manufacturing program, all made in Germany, can be obtained at the EUROMOLD in Frankfurt from December 1 to 4, 2010 at the LACH DIAMANT stand, Hall 9.0 Stand B 81