New from LACH DIAMANT at the EMO in Hannover

from the 17. to 22. September 2007 – Hall 4, Booth D 33

At the EMO 2007 LACH DIAMANT presents Tradition and Progress.

Diamond the hardest of all materials belongs to the tradition.

Since the founding of our enterprise by Jakob Lach in 1922, LACH DIAMANT has been processing and cutting diamonds Today this tradition is encountered in our line of single, profile and multiple grain diamond dressing tools and the diamond regrinding service at our headquarters in Hanau.

Progress goes hand in hand with innovation. The list of all innovation thought up by LACH DIAMANT in the last 40 years would go beyond the scope of this preview.

For this reason only those ideas are mentioned where LACH DIAMANT, as a forerun-ner changed the world of technology in the processing and grinding of super hard materials:

  • 1969 – worldwide first presentation of CBN Grinding Wheels
  • 1973 – PCD cutting tools introduced
  • 1974 – CBN cutting tools machines high alloy, hardened steels
  • 1977 – PCD milling cutters process printed circuit board materials and composite materials
  • 1978 – Horst Lach discovers spark erosion for the processing of polycrystalline diamonds {PCD)
  • 1979 – worldwide first presentation of PCD diamond cutting tools for wood, wood like materials and plastics.

Based on these fundamental developments LACH DIAMANT will showcase the follow-ing at the EMO 2007:

Diamond and CBN Grinding wheels

New and further developed plastics and metal-matrix bonds for high performance requirements on CNC profile machines for HM, HSS and ceramic processing

PCD and CBN Cutting tools

For superior milling of aluminum, plastic, wood and green compacts. Highlights are the newly developed > dia-compact< monoblock diamond milling cutter for HSC cutting (approved for up to 24.000 U/min.) of aluminum and composite materials; new dreborid®-PCD router bits for burr-free and precise processing of aluminum and composite materials; components on CNC machines as well as the dreborid®-chipbreaker program (International patents) for the controlled chip breaking of aluminum alloys.

Diamond and CBN Electroplated Program

Manufacturing and re-facing of blanks for the processing, deburring, forming of plastics, composites, grafite, green compacts , hardened steels, carbide, ceramics and similar.

Diamond Dressing Tools

This includes the single dressing tools as natural diamond to the synthetic drebodress®-PCD-triangular dressing plate all the way to the high precision dia-mond dressing rolls.

PCD Spark Erosion Machines

The >> DIA-2100 mini<< a CNC-controlled Universal Grinder according to the Original-LACH-EDG( Electrical Discharge Grinding) for manufacturing and service of all PCD tools and saws for the processing of plastics, PCB materials, wood and partly for aluminum .

LACH DIAMANT at the EMO 2007 has a few things more to celebrate:

85th anniversary of the founding of the company, Dipl.-Ing. Robert Lach joins the management of LACH DIAMANT, doubling of the production area at the plant in Lichtenau/Saxony which is responsible for the manufacturing of all PCD tools and last not least the successful certification according to ISO 9001:2000 for Lichtenau and Hanau.