LACH DIAMANT »chipbreaker IS« – the Titan among the PCD chipbreaker

LACH DIAMANT at the AMB – Stuttgart
September 16 to 20, 2014 – Hall 2 Stand 2B14

LACH DIAMANT >> »chipbreaker IS« – <<
the Titan among the PCD chipbreaker

Owing to new processing technologies, 15 years ago, LACH DIAMANT pioneered to place a chipbreaker guide step three-dimensionally as a chipbreaker into the diamond layer of a PCD insert.

developed several variations for their
>>chipbreaker program<< for the machining of nonferrous metals, especially for aluminium. This became a key element in series and mass manufacturing.

Titan is the patented
>> »chipbreaker Type IS« <<. With its active chipbreaker and stable cutting edge it was developed mainly for the rough machining of thick-walled, solid components with a SI content below 7 %
and is also suited for interrupted cuts.
With cutting speeds from 800 – 2500 m/min. and feed rates from 0,1 – 0,3 mm/r depth of cut, up to the maximum utilization of the cutting width from to
3 – 5 mm are possible.

For thin walled, unstable components the identically constructed chipbreaker, the patented >>»chipbreaker CO<<« is available.

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