Diamond Tools „Made in Saxony“ are stimulating the Energy Industry … and celebrate a 20 year anniversary

Diamond Tools „Made in Saxony“  are stimulating the Energy Industry  … and celebrate a 20 year anniversary

On February 4, 1991 LACH DIAMANT, founded in 1922, with head office in Hanau, hired three employees. Before the German reunification, LACH DIAMANT had supplied polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD) via VW to the former Barkas Plant for the manufacturing of the VW Polo aluminium engine. These employees took care of the regrinding and service for the supplied tools.

These first employees, Mr. Bernd Straube, Mr. Jörg Hänel and Mr. Dieter Miton are also celebrating their twentieth anniversary with LACH DIAMANT. Congratulations !

Today, in February 2011, LACH DIAMANT Saxony with a site in Lichtenau near Chemnitz tells a Saxony success story.

LACH DIAMANT, considered as the pioneer in the manufacturing of polycrystalline cutting materials, trained these new employees at its head office in Hanau. At first the Saxony operation started in a leased facility as a service shop for PCD and CBN tools. These included specially developed processes, such as traditional grinding with diamond grinding wheels and spark erosion and proved to be a great success for the operation and facility.

In 1997 LACH DIAMANT was ready to expand and to give more responsibility to the „Saxony Team”.

In the newly developed industrial area Ottendorf/Lichtenau a larger parcel of land was acquired and a 900 square meter modern industrial building was constructed.

Step by step the responsibility for the entire manufacturing of the polycrystalline cutting tools (PCD and CBN) was handed over to the Saxony Team.

Ten years later, in 2007, the increased requirements for the manufacturing capability were met by doubling the production area.

And what is today in February 2011 ? –
LACH DIAMANT Tools „Made in Saxony” represent the “engine” which for an example gives wings to the wind turbine of the power industry.

Or expressed more exactly: The precise bore holes required for bolting down these large wings are made with LACH DIAMANT PCD drills. No other cutting material except diamond can efficiently machine this tough, abrasive material made from glass and carbon fiber.

In the industrial sector of wind power equipment LACH DIAMANT is considered to be the leading and most experienced tool supplier.

LACH DIAMANT not only is the pioneer for this development. LACH DIAMANT PCD tools are also responsible for the great number of bore holes which have to be drilled before the riveting of for example an Airbus wing made of composite material such as aluminium, GRP, CFRP and even titanium.

Many patents and international product tributes have proclaimed the success of LACH DIAMANT tools worldwide.

The newest example is »Cool Injection« – direct cooling – which is a cooperative development (pat.) with the automobile manufacturer Audi.

In order to break and dispose of the disruptive aluminium chip at high performance PCD milling during engine manufacturing, the solution of LACH DIAMANT was to lead the coolant stream directly to the surface of the PCD tip.

»Cool Injection« – direct cooling – not only breaks the hot chip immediately after its formation, but by the direct coolant stream through the surface of the PCD tip results in an increased heat dissipation and thus a longer tool life of the PCD cutting edge.

Today LACH DIAMANT tools are essential for the economic manufacturing in the automobile, aircraft and accessory industries. More applications are also suited for printed circuit boards, wind energy equipment and for all manufacturers of aluminium, fiber composite materials, hardened steels, carbides, ceramics, graphite and much more.

LACH DIAMANT and its staff members will be happy to answer any question at the INTEC Trade Show in Leipzig from March 1 to 4, 2011.

By the way, the trade show location Leipzig is the occasion of another anniversary. Exactly 20 years ago LACH DIAMANT exhibited for the first time at the former “Leipziger Frühjahrsmesse” and received a gold medal.