Borazon CBN Grinding Wheels a 40th Anniversary of the Pioneer LACH DIAMANT

40 years BorazonTM – CBN – Grinding Wheels
A 40th Anniversary of the Pioneer LACH DIAMANT

During the 1969 spring trade show in Hannover, LACH DIAMANT presented as the first manufacturer worldwide an abrasive of the new generation for the grinding of HSS and hardened steel on a tool grinding machine.

This represented the first demonstration of a CBN grinding wheel for dry grinding of a HSS cutter with a LACH DIAMANT grinding wheel in super resin bond K-MX – take a look at the photo from 1969 “Start with BorazonTM = Trademark of General Electric.

Only a year later the presentation of the LACH CBN grinding wheel with tressex® took place (Slogan „tressex® shows its claws”) for creep feed grinding of HSS and hardened steel.

At this time – 1970 – LACH DIAMANT already had developed the whole spectrum of applications for this new abrasive for modern grinding technology, namely tool grinding, internal cylindrical grinding, surface and circular grinding; several professional articles attest to this.

Today the users of LACH CBN grinding wheels can take advantage of our 40 years of experience in application, processing and manufacturing of this new medium in our modern industrial facility.

IMPORTANT – LACH DIAMANT products are „Made in Germany” and our employees take great pride in our high quality manufactured at our headquarters in Hanau, Germany.