The optimum Diamond Sharpening Concept for Service Operations

With 30 years of experience, developing and building diamond sharpening machines according to the »Original-LACH-EDG«-spark erosion process since 1978, LACH DIAMANT presents the ideal diamond sharpening concept for service operations.

The machine series »Dia-2100« and »Dia-5085« provide the prerequisites. The »Dia-2100« distinguishes itself as an all-rounder for diamond tools and saws for the wood and plastic industry.

The »Dia-5085« with its 5 axis design is unrivaled for the quick sharpening of diamond saws and hogging heads up to 800 mm diameter.

All LACH DIAMANT sharpening machines are provided with special software for multiple manufacturing. Additional investment costs for a loading system are not required. The tools of one type, even with different diameters, can be sharpened in one clamping with the multiple manufacturing program.

The ease of use lets you, our customer recognize thirty years of our own experience in the manufacturing and service of LACH DIAMANT tools.

Without problems the operator can be busy with other tasks or can „sharpen “automatically without additional personnel, even with multiple manufacturing/sharpening.

An entry into the diamond tool servicing business is thus possible without additional personnel costs.

All LACH DIAMANT sharpening machines are predominant to others which are designed exclusively for robotic operation. These machines require a long set-up time, a drawback especially then, when rush orders for sharpening customers have to be fulfilled.

As an example of this high tech development LACH DIAMANT will showcase the model »Dia-2100-mini« at the GrindTec in Augsburg.

Further information at our tradeshow stand or we can give you an individual demonstration at our plant in Hanau.