At Lightning Speed on Diamond Blades

At Lightning Speed on Diamond Blades
LACH DIAMOND sponsors Germany’s aspiring speed skater

As if he had magic boots and no skates the twentyone year old Felix Rijhnen raced over the ice at the bitter cold Inzell. At this year’s German Open he shortened his previous best times for 3.000 m and 5.000 m and achieved even the World Cup standard on his parade distance of 5 km.

The aspiring speed skater is thrilled about his improved performance: Without the material from the company, LACH DIAMOND these achievements would not have been possible!”

LACH DIAMOND, the diamond manufacturer from Hanau, Germany, has sponsored Felix Rijhnen for some months and provides him with Diamant-Spray »MF«.

The secret: At the push of a button miniscule diamond grains land on the skating blade. These diamond grains, optimized by lapping and polishing, take care of a considerable better sliding behavior and will hopefully lead to world records and places on the winners‘ podium.

When the Diamond-Spray is not applied for world records on the ice, LACH DIAMOND-Paste and the Diamond-Spray »MF«-Programare especially utilized in tool and mold building. Besides, LACH DIAMOND tools are used successfully in the automobile and aerospace industry as well as for wind power plants. Felix Rijhnen already has packed his „magic boots” together with the Diamond-Spray »MF« to compete at the international competition in Calgary and Salt Lake City to represent Germany with diamond coated ice skating blades.

More information about the entire LACH DIAMOND-Program can be found under: or visit us in Europe at GrindTec, Augsburg, Germany, 14.-17. of March, Hall 3 – Booth 3025 or at the JEC Paris, France, 27.-29. of March 2012, Pavilion 1 Booth H64.

Mehr Informationen über das gesamte LACH DIAMANT-Programm finden Sie unter: oder besuchen Sie uns einfach auf der GrindTec, Augsburg – 14.-17. März, Halle 3 – Stand 3025 bzw. auf der JEC Paris, 27.-29. März 2012, Pavillon 1 Stand H64.