30 Years Spark Erosion Machining of PCD

LACH DIAMANT – Sharpening Machines at the XYLEXPO in Milan Hall 2 Stand G.19

The discovery of spark erosion for the cost effective and efficient processing of polycrystalline diamonds (PCD) in 1978 by Horst Lach earmarks a milestone in the history of polycrystalline cutting tools.

With electrical discharge machining (spark erosion) the feasibility for quick economic and high quality shaping of PCD cutting tools became a reality for the first time.

Today in 2008 PCD tools as the only economic tool for machining have conquered an important position in the industry. PCD tools are the truly economic tools for the processing of aluminium, plastics, all wood and composite materials for the automobile and accessory industry, aerospace, electrical industry as well as machine building.

At the XYLEXPO LACH DIAMANT will demonstrate on selected PCD sharpening machines how easy and efficient it is today to service and produce PCD diamond tools.

We are showing among others the superior

Service-Sharpening Machine

and the Saw and Cutter
Sharpening Machine

Both models can be utilized without a robot
for multiple manufacturing in one spindle

Important Information: LACH DIAMANT sharpening and grinding machines as well as all LACH DIAMANT tools and grinding wheels are certified according to
ISO 9001:2000.