New at the AMB in Stuttgart

PCD and CBN Cutting Inserts for controlles chipbreaking

LACH DIAMANT, the pioneer among the manufacturers of diamond tools is showing the new complete program of patented PCD inserts with chipbreaker at the AMB in Stuttgart. For the first time worldwide CBN cutting inserts with chipbreaker will be presented.

LACH DIAMANT, is basing this development on ten years experience in the manufacturing of PCD cutting inserts with chip guide steps or chip breakers, which led on January 26, 1999 to the first patent applications (e.g. European patent EP 1 023 961 B1 and EP 1 023 962 B1).

Since more and more aluminium has been applied in the automobile and aircraft industry for weight savings, the application of forging alloys is advancing, however, with certain disadvantages at cutting.

In comparison to conventional aluminium alloys, these significantly tougher alloys tend to produce unwanted ribbon chips and thread chips,.

By unforeseen and unwanted machine shutdowns tools can be damaged which have to be replaced and in some cases large clews of cutting chips have to be removed from the working space of these machines.

The chipbreaker program by LACH DIAMANT enables an efficient and trouble-free production and guarantees controlled chipbreaking of long chip aluminium alloys.

This development is not limited to PCD cutting materials alone and is evidenced by the introduction of the CBN cutting insert program by LACH DIAMANT under the name of CBN-DUO-power with chipbreaker.

CBN chipbreaker inserts from the dreborid® program are recommended by LACH DIAMANT, on one hand for the cutting of grey cast iron with positive cut and on the other hand for the finishing of hardened steels in order to prevent disrupting ribbon and thread chips.