smttoday, may 2021

PCD Monoblock Milling Cutter »Dia-compact« for the Economical Processing of Aluminium and Composite Components GRP/CFRP

PCD Monoblock milling cutter »dia-compact« for the economical processing of Aluminium and Composite components GRP/CFRP

Already in 2019, on the occasion of the EMO exhibition, LACH DIAMANT wrote „the trend in milling is towards Monoblock“– or, in other words, to “renounce“ profitably the use of cartridge milling cutters. The PCD-Monoblock is, in direct comparison with cartridge milling cutters, immediately ready for use – without time-consuming adjustment of the cutting edges […]

Diamond fever at LACH DIAMANT…

But never fear please and …not to be taken literally.  The LACH DIAMANT staff members and their superior diamond and CBN tools and grinding wheels are raring to go. EMO 2019 in Hanover was the last time we could present the entire tool range for the automobile and accessories industry, aircraft and wind power industries, […]

ETMM, may 2021

Until we meet again: LACH DIAMANT has great plans for post-Covid world

A feature that turns heads: The continuous full-LED rear light of the new Polestar 2

An innovation manufactured with LACH DIAMANT precision tools The electric car manufacturer Polestar gives his new classic limousine Polestar 2 – the successor to the Volvo-limousine – a highly modern appearance: The specially designed C-shaped rear light runs across the entire width of the vehicle with a narrow light band of almost 300 LEDs – […]