With diamond-lapped skate blades on course for success

In 2012 it was Felix Rijhnen whom LACH DIAMANT could congratulate for his successes in the second German skating championships in Berlin. In the current season we will keep our fingers crossed for Ole Jeske who also made the leap into the squad of the national speed skating team. Both swear by LACH DIAMANT pastes. […]

A feature that turns heads: The continuous full-LED rear light of the new Polestar 2

An innovation manufactured with LACH DIAMANT precision tools The electric car manufacturer Polestar gives his new classic limousine Polestar 2 – the successor to the Volvo-limousine – a highly modern appearance: The specially designed C-shaped rear light runs across the entire width of the vehicle with a narrow light band of almost 300 LEDs – […]