Service Offer from LACH DIAMANT

Resharpening of PCD and CBN Tools Express Repair Service

LACH DIAMANT, the Diamond and CBN tool manufacturer from Hanau would like to inform you that this service is available not only for own products but also without restriction for products of other manufacturers.

We like to point out the original „diamond finish” in LACH DIAMANT quality for PCD and CBN turning and milling tools, as well as for PCD drills for long-term machining of aluminium, cast iron and hardened steels, and also for plastics, fiber composites including wood and wood-like materials.

In addition, specially trained sales engineers are available for all customers. They can help you with all questions about cost-effective applications of PCD and CBN tools.

Upon request we will be happy to send you further extensive information for the application of LACH diamond and CBN tools.