Regrinding Service for Natural Diamond Dressing Tools

Regrinding Service for Natural Diamond Dressing Tools

LACH DIAMANT – manufacturer of diamond tools in Hanau, a town that in the past was well known for precious jewelry – emphasizes how important the “little things” really are, for example

repairing, resetting and regrinding of natural diamond dressing tools.

Example: A resetting and regrinding service for single point diamonds and polished profile diamonds of all systems (Fortuna, Schaudt, Jung, Diaform and others).

This service goes back to an old tradition – until the outbreak of World War II, LACH employed almost 600 grinders of natural diamonds.

The special service is offered to all metal grinding shops and toolmakers, and of course this service is also provided for third-party brands.

The head office in Hanau as well as the plant in Lichtenau near Chemnitz, Germany, and LACH DIAMOND INC., Grand Rapids/Michigan, USA, specialize in service for PCD, PCBn and CBN tools.