PCD Diamond Twist Drills perfect from 1.0 to 100 mm Diameter at the Composites Europe in Essen

LACH DIAMANT at the »Composites Europe« in Essen

PCD Diamond Twist Drills perfect
from 1.0 to 100 mm Diameter

Lightweight construction materials are the indispensable materials for the future.

In the last two decades, materials such as aluminium, have found their entrance in the automobile and engine manufacturing. The demand for lowering fuel consumption accelerated the trend to weight reduction in the automobile and aircraft industries.

If you are going to visit the trade show »Composites Europe« in Essen from September 14 to 16, 2010 you should be prepared for some new surprises about the subject „Lightweight Construction Materials”.

Almost unnoticed by the public, a variety of synthetic materials came to the fore, namely plastics. Mixed plastics or composite materials – plastic fiber-reinforced, such as glass fiber reinforced (GRP) and carbon fiber reinforced (CFRP). Even titanium has been applied here.

Today, all fiber reinforced materials are indispensable companions for the development, design and building of modern passenger and military planes, blades for wind turbines, sports equipment and finally for vehicles.

With almost 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tools LACH DIAMANT, the diamond tool pioneer from Hanau, has partnered this development. Hanau was known as the city for precious jewelry.

Many national and international patents give evidence of LACH’s work. One of our new challenges was the drilling of these hard and abrasive materials.

Example: A through-hole as needed by ten thousands in the manufacturing of an airplane (wings, vertical and horizontal tail) concerning the safe connection of individual parts; highest precision is here demanded from the PCD twist drill.

Or blind hole – for example wind power plant: For the connection of the huge wind generator wing to the rotor.

At the »Composites Europe« in Essen, Hall 12, Booth B 23, LACH DIAMANT will present the four PCD twist drill types from 1.0 to 100 mm diameter for the precise drilling to finished dimension (see CAD Illustration).

Type S:PCD Twist Drill – Positive cut, fully twisted. Especially developed for sensitive components in fiber reinforced materials GRP/CFRP/Keflar/Aramit. The bore and drill exit quality is process secure according to ISO. Drilling ø 1.0 to 6.0 mm.

Type P: PCD Twist Drill – positive cut, for all purposes. As twist or step drill with internal cooling, recommended for high eutectic aluminium alloys, abrasive materials such as graphite etc. Can be used cost- effectively. Drilling ø 6.0 to 16 mm.

Type XP: PCD Twist Drill – completes the range to ø 40 mm. Stable solid carbide insert, solid carbide center point and PCD tipping in the wear zone, suited to drill into the solid. With and without cooling for all non-ferrous metals, fiber and fibre reinforced materials. Drilling ø 16 to 40 mm.

Type W: PCD Monoblock Drilling Tool – equipped with several PCD cutting edges, massive tool body made of high-grade tool steel. Especially suited for GRP with air cooling, for excellent bore quality and long tool life. Drilling ø 30 to 100 mm.

Furthermore LACH DIAMANT exhibits at the »Composites Europe« the fully developed program of PCD tools especially for machining composite materials.

Here a pointer for all those who also plan to visit »Aluminium 2010« which takes place at the same time at the trade fair: The admission ticket is also valid for the »Composites Europe«.

We look forward to your visit.