On „diamond“ skate blades towards the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022

LACH DIAMANT is delighted for all athletes who achieved the qualification for the Olympic Winter Games. We wish all of them the best of luck. Through our sponsoring with LACH DIAMANT pastes and diamond spray »MF« we have been able for years to develop a friendly relationship with many athletes, for example with Felix Rijhnen.


He is not only a successful ice speed skater but also winner of numerous international roller blade races (Inline-Cups) like for example in 2018 the gold medal in the marathon of the European Championship in Zandvoorde, Belgium, or winner of the 46th BMW-Berlin-Marathon in 2019.

The fact that LACH DIAMANT pastes and the diamond spray »MF« are much in demand from winter sport athletes for the final finish of their skate, bobsleigh and sledge skids, has a long tradition; the applied or sprayed micro-finish of the special diamond grit can be decisive for the successful outcome of the race on the last centimeters of the finish line.

Not only winter sport athletes appreciate the spray-easy application of the coveted diamond spray »MF« on their steel skids – for decades also tool and moldmakers have been using it for quick lapping and polishing.


LACH DIAMANT offers diamond grits from 1/4 to 90 µ – from quick surface removals to ultrafine polishes – by the way, also available as diamond paste filled in syringes: for more intensive working on small surfaces.