Now even more economical and efficient

CBN cutting inserts »CBN-DUO-power« for the finish turning of hardened steels and gray cast iron in the chipbreaker design (called »chipbreaker«) can be applied even more economical.

CBN-DUO-power« is coined by the long term tested CBN types B600 und B610 (LACH standard). The shown power performance when turning high alloy hardened steels, tool and case-hardened steels and the cutting of gray cast iron components is quasi doubled by the »DUO« insert.

With the design »chipbreaker« of the type CO (European patent No. 1023961) the »CBN-DUO-power« cutting insert reveals its capability, unsurpassed at turning with demanded burr-free cuts. Example: Thin and especially unstable components with different hardness.

Good news for the user: Due to increased manufacturing and robot technology price reduction as of October 1, 2009 for »CBN-DUO-power« cutting inserts with »chipbreaker« – now even more efficient.

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