New: „V-Silent“ from LACH DIAMANT

GrindTec – Augsburg from March 19 to 22, 2014
Hall 1 Stand 1100

„V-Silent” from LACH DIAMANT –
The vibration damping carrier system for ceramic bonded Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels

The damping properties of steel are distinctly lower compared to those of weight-saving CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic). A grinding wheel with a steel body tends to produce undesired vibrations in the resonance range.

With the new vibration damping carrier system „V-Silent” the pioneer from Hanau, LACH DIAMANT, was successful to bypass the natural frequency of steel and was able to attenuate the resulting vibrations. Due to the vibration damping properties of „V-Silent” the grinding wheel wear is markedly reduced and thus a longer service life is achieved.

As a damping system is employed the operating conditions at dressing are altered as well. The infeed becomes smaller and the dressing interval increases. The required surface roughness can be obtained with smaller grit sizes.

The „V-Silent” carrier system from LACH DIAMANT creates the conditions for further efficiency increases and cost reduction. The diamond and CBN tool manufacturer from Hanau envisions maximum success, especially with large caliber grinding wheels on surface and circular grinding machines when grinding high-alloyed components such as crankshafts and camshafts including the processing of carbide or ceramic materials.

Comprehensive consultation at the Grindtec in Hall 1 Stand 1100 as well as by our expert consultants from LACH DIAMANT – Hotline +49 6181 10350 / 103822.