Lach Diamant´s EMO Results


On Saturday, September 21, the EMO 2013 ended.The host company, VDW recorded 145.000 visitors from 100 countries and more than 2.100 exhibitors from 43 countries. A new record!
Horst and Robert Lach, Manager and CEO of the family enterprise and manufacturer of high precision diamond tools, LACH DIAMANT took stock:
„This EMO was one of the most successful trade fairs in which we have participated in the last ten years. We counted more than one thousand professional visitors at our stand.
The advertised innovations attracted interested parties like magnets:
The PCD solid drill with inside extraction system for the eco-friendly cutting of glass and carbon fibre containing materials (CFRP, GRP) and others, such as graphite carbon, green ceramics and green carbide.
After its formation, the health-endangering dust is suctioned-off by a sophisticated system (patented).
The »Dia-Fliese-perfect« – a diamond dressing plate of new design was of great interest and attracted quite a crowd. This plate for the straight dressing and profiling of conventional grinding wheels is setting new standards for longer service life and precise repeatable grinding results.
LACH DIAMANT agrees with the statements of VDW. The automobile and accessory sector is growing at a vibrant pace. The fear of a weak economy, only predicted half a year ago, has been mollified.
Very important: 50 percent of the EMO visitors indicated to want to invest in new technologies.
After the significant investments of the last two years, LACH DIAMANT is well prepared for this challenge …”