LACH DIAMANT – Tradition you can touch at the LACH DIAMANT stand D40, in hall 4

LACH DIAMANT – Tradition you can touch at the LACH DIAMANT stand D40, in hall 4

Long, long ago, the natural diamond grinding facility for jewellery diamonds, founded by Jakob Lach in 1922, employed up to 600 diamond grinders in Hanau, Germany, and the surrounding area.

When a strong D-Mark made grinding diamonds in Germany too expensive, Jakob Lach switched more and more to industrial diamonds for dressing grinding wheels for e.g. the production of ball bearings, rolling bearings and cardan shafts.

His son, Horst Lach, joined the company on October 1stin 1960, and assisted him with the further positioning of LACH DIAMANT as manufacturer of diamond dressing tools and even negative-produced precision diamond rolls, as well as with creating a product line of diamond and CBN grinding wheels. Soon followed pioneering accomplishments such as the development and application of polycrystalline diamond cutting materials (PCD) and the, at that time patented, idea of PCD machining by means of spark/electric erosion, the EDG-plus® grinding method.

At EMO, LACH DIAMANT presents traditions – such as grinding natural industrial diamonds, as it is still part of daily service operations, and setting and regrinding of single diamond dressing diamonds and profile dressing diamonds.

Industrial diamonds are still purchased from global markets as raw materials for a variety of dressing systems.

Purchased industrial diamonds are classified by skilled specialists regarding quality and application. LACH DIAMANT is proud to be able to offer this traditional product segment for new tools still today, and with exceptional service and good price/performance ratio, to many customers.

Visit LACH DIAMANT at stand D40 in hall 4. It is worth your time.

Most likely, you will see for the first time how natural diamonds are ground according to age-old traditions…